Scrap metal

Scrap metal consists of various kinds of waste metal and leftover metal articles. Scrap metal normally implies recyclable waste metal (suitable for reprocessing).

Collection and reprocessing of scrap metal helps not only efficiently protect the environment, but also produce a cheaper recycled metal.

600 years ago the art, which languished from the destruction of the Roman Empire, revived. The Renaissance is a phenomenon in the history of culture, which contributed greatly to the flourish of architecture, painting and sculpture. The Renaissance heritage formed the cultural golden fund of the world.

We respect work done by other people. What served to the benefit of a man, can serve again and again. What made happy and fascinated a man, can do it again. We should pay a deep respect to the historical heritage and we should believe. Believe that what passed from hands to hands for hundreds of years can get a new life, breath and future. This is the way to the Renaissance. 

Metal is a handmade product. Extracted from mines, processed by casters and blacksmiths and shaped as swords, horseshoes, coins and sagshas, metal cannot live forever. It also becomes old, tired, it gets corroded and weaker over time.

We cannot take on a new birth. We cannot get through our life again. But metal can. Metal is given a new life. We give it to it. Every day we do not think about ambitious goals, the future of the mankind and the national growth. Every day we simply do our work. We do it faithfully and competently as our experience allows us to do. Only sometimes, when looking back, we understand that it would be good if something would be left behind. Something what is your handwork. Somewhere where houses, bridges and towers are supported by a metal backbone.

About Us

LLC "LATMETĀLS STEEL" is one of the largest Latvian companies, purchasing and processing ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal. Our company is young, but the highest quality of our services helped us gain recognition among clients. 

Scrap metal prices are quoted every day in accordance with the world exchange market data and the real situation in Latvia.

Each kilogram of scrap metal will add money to your wallet – don’t miss the chance!

2. Dismantling Services

Dismantling of Facilities

We offer to our clients professional services for dismantling metal structures.

Our specialists will come to you, assess the scope of work to be done and your facility will be disassembled within the shortest time. We will purchase scrap metal got from dismantling at the best prices, thus helping you do away with old equipment and structures on the most favorable conditions.

Entrusting our company with collection of scrap metal, the client will not care for dismantling and transportation of their facilities.

We offer dismantling services of any complexity level. We will cut everything from soviet trucks to ships!!!

3. Transport Services

Transport Services

Flexible pricing policy for transport services. We offer transport services for picking up scrap metal - a mini-bus or a truck with carrying capacity from 1.5t to 17.5t or a truck with hydro manipulator.

For your convenience, we offer also a passenger car trailer (carrying capacity - 750kg) for rent FREE OF CHARGE.