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Hand over unlimited amount of scrap metal, register for participation in the lottery by sending an SMS to 1838 (EUR 0.14 shipping fee is paid by the lottery participant), indicating the number of invoice, name, surname, age and yard where the scrap metal was handed over according to the following sample: METAL, number of invoice, name, surname, age, yard.

Sample: METAL, 12345, Stanislavs Vistapolis, 33, Riga

Time of promotion: 13.05. – 15.08.2021. Lottery authorisation number: 6786

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EUR 100 Anita Bizleja, Ogre
EUR 100 Jānis Lusajs, Sigulda
EUR 100 Normunds Krūmiņš, Rīga
EUR 100 Martins Zaharevskis RIGA
EUR 100 Maris Bogdans Sigulda
EUR 100 Juris Avenins Ogre
EUR 100 Valērijs Ivanovs, Rīga
EUR 100 Jānis Makarovs, Sigulda
EUR 100 Jānis Āriņš, Ogre
EUR 100 Vasilijs Dubjuks, Rīga
EUR 100 Elvijs Bonzaks, Sigulda
EUR 100 Jānis Matulis, Ogre
EUR 100 Kaspars Martinsons, Riga
EUR 100 Kalvis Grinbergs, Sigulda
EUR 100 Aldis Poikans, Ogre
EUR 100 Peteris Smilga, Riga
EUR 100 Dzintars Rozens, Sigulda
EUR 100 Maris Noviks, Ogre
EUR 100 Sandis Breiers, Riga
EUR 100 Ronalds Krumins, Sigulda
EUR 100 Kaspars Krauze, Ogre
EUR 100 Pavels Kartuzovs, RIGA
EUR 100 Janis Rudzanovs, Sigulda
EUR 100 Peteris Krievans, Ogre
EUR 100 Irina Zolotarjova, Riga
EUR 100 Rigards Krauklis, Sigulda
EUR 100 Leonars Logins, Ogre
EUR 100 Laura Putniece, RIGA
EUR 100 Janis Vorza, Sigulda
EUR 100 Dace Dubra, Ogre
EUR 1000 Ivars Zuravlevs Sigulda


Good purchase price for scrap metal, available transport, fast payment and convenient working hours, etc. is what virtually all scrap companies offer. However, if for many this set of features is rather high bar of cooperation quality, for LATMETĀLS is a basic set of indicators. Our company emphasizes on integrity towards clients. LATMETĀLS customer service strives to provide added value for the customer at each interaction point. We constantly strive to exceed customer’s expectations, that’s why we are confident that LATMETĀLS is the MOST ATTRACTIVE scrap metal purchasing service provider in LATVIA.

LATMETĀLS is one of the most professional scrap metal purchasing companies in Latvia, which constantly invests in attracting and training the best employees in the industry. Company’s owners and senior management are involved in various subsidiaries and socially responsible projects in Latvia, securing perpetuity of nationally important traditions.

We care about our country, its history, nature and culture – everything that cannot be measured by the stock exchange price or easily imitated. The LATMETĀLS team is driven by a patriotic desire to develop its company by talking to customers in a language that is understandable and emotionally close to us all. We are aware of our emotional power, as it inspires us and gives us the strength to move forward, investing not only in our company, but also in socially important things since we are also a part of this society.

LATMETĀLS works using the TOLMETS trademark, confirming that all purchased scrap metal is processed in an environmentally friendly way – in the most modern scrap metal recycling plant Schredder, which is managed by the company SIA Tolmets.

Scrap metal prices EUR/t

Ferrous scrapRigaSiguldaOgre
OA (sized)
Thick steel sized scrap (500x50x150), wall thickness from 8 mm.
5A (outsized)
Ferrous metal waste and scrap. Metal thickness (min.): 4 mm.
5AR (outsized fittings)
Scrap metal of outsized reinforcement, suitable for further processing with press shears.
12A (tin)
Ferrous metal waste and scrap. Metal thickness up to 4 mm.
12AM (car)
Fully equipped used car for recycling.
17A (cast iron, sized)
Ferrous metal waste and scrap. Sized cast iron scrap: Maximum dimensions: 50x50x50 cm.
20A (cast iron, outsized)
Outsized cast iron scrap, not containing oil.
3A (sized iron)
Non-ferrous scrapRigaSiguldaOgre
Copper (96%)
Tubes, rods, wires, sheets, copper products.
Copper (92%)
Burnt wires, radiator parts, small wires.
Copper (80%)
Varnished motor windings, burnt wires, oxidized copper.
Products, plumbing, pieces, dishes, wires.
Brass (radiators)
Radiators from cars and trucks.
Steel (stainless)
Dishes and various elements used in food production; sheets, and drums from new types of washing machines.
Aluminum (food)
Aluminum used in the food industry: dishes, cans, tanks.
Aluminum (cast)
Car engine parts: alloy wheels, piece metal.
Aluminum (household)
Aluminum used in household: profile cuts, pallets, trays, wires, car body parts.
Aluminum (radiators)
Car radiators.


Purchase of scrap metal

LATMETĀLS purchases all types of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap from individuals and companies. We always offer good, competitive prices. Please note that private individuals need to have valid ID bank account info upon arrival with scrap metal cargo. We help to utilize the old vehicles in accordance with the law, and in an environmentally friendly way. Customers usually receive payment for the scrap metal within
24-48 hours.
For any inquiries, please our
toll-free number: 80007566.

Dismantling of objects

LATMETĀLS offers object dismantling services provided by professional and experienced industry specialists.

Call our toll-free number
to request a visit of our dismantling specialist. The LATMETĀLS representative will assess the amount of work to be performed, the time period within which this work could be performed, as well as forecast the approximate amount of scrap to be processed. We offer the best procurement conditions for scrap metal obtained from the dismantling. We can manage to dismantle practically any type of object – from truck to ship! By entrusting your item or object to us, the client can get a full spectrum of associated services – from estimation to dismantling, transportation, document processing and payment.

Container rental

LATMETĀLS offers free container rental to companies whose activities are related to the formation of unnecessary scrap metal. We have 25m³ and 35m³ containers at our disposal, which we deliver and place in the customer’s territory. When the container is filled, we tkae to the nearest LATMETĀLS scrap yard to unload the content and process documentation and payment.

Container rental is a good solution in case it is necessary to clean a territory or reconstruction site that may lead to a substantial amount of metal waste.

Contact us by calling
toll-free number:
if you need a rent-free container service or want to book transportation service or an appointment.

Transportation services

LATMETĀLS provides transport for scrap metal removal practically anywhere in Latvia. We offer vehicles with different load capacity. From minivan, ideally suited for  smaller volumes up to large truck with hydraulic manipulators, with a lifting capacity of up to 17.5 tons.

For private individuals we offer a rent-free trailer, which can be borrowed for couple of hours at the nearest LATMETĀLS scrap metal site in Rīga, Sigulda or Ogre.

Contact us by calling
toll-free number:
if you need a transport service or want to book a free trailer rental.



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    Latmetāls Steel” Ltd.

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